Fidanka is located in the Kalkan peninsula and is 150 ms from the beach. There are many alternatives as to where you choose to swim - all have crystal clear waters, representative of the Mediterranean’s turquoise, deep, pebble-stoned sea. It is also possible to visit nearby beaches that have sandy beachfronts.


90m² fresh water ’endless’ pool with amazing views of the Mediterranean and Kalkan.


Owner nicknamed “green finger” due to hundreds of different kinds of fauna, native to the Mediterranean throughout the property. Every last bit of soil is filled with over two hundred types of flowers, orange, lemon and banana trees, aromatic herbs even pineapples, through Ms. Nüket’s love of botany.


All beaches in Kalkan offer water sports activities such as water ski, banana, jet ski, parasail, knee boarding, etc. Some windy days allow sailing and windsurfing, and there are daily snorkeling and diving tours departing from Kalkan and Kaş.


The area around Kalkan is called Lycia, meaning the land of light and boasts remains of 3000 year old ancient civilizations. Ruins of Antiphellos, Myra, Olympos, Patara, Phellos, Pınara, Simena, Tlos, Xsanthos, Letoon are all between Antalya and Fethiye and daily excursions can be arranged.

Kaş is 20 kms, Kaputaş beach 4kms, and Patara beach is 15kms away. Saklıkent Canyon is 40kms, and Fethiye is 80kms from Kalkan. Apart from daily excursions to these areas, we can arrange for diverse activities such as scuba diving, rafting, kayaking, paragliding, horseback riding and walking tours.